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Travis embarked on his journey with Capital Focused in 2022, bringing with him a fresh perspective as a financial planner. Having recently completed his Graduate Diploma in Financial Planning and Professional Year, Travis is driven by a fervent desire to assist clients in defining and reaching their financial objectives.

Prior to joining the financial planning sector, Travis amassed over 17 years of invaluable experience as an educator. His diverse teaching portfolio includes special needs education, history, career development, and philosophy. This extensive background has endowed Travis with valuable skills in counselling, teaching, and active listening – attributes that he seamlessly integrates into his role at Capital Focused.

Travis's approach to financial advising is deeply influenced by his commitment to lifelong learning and personal growth. He believes in the power of education not only as a tool for his own development but also as a means to empower his clients. His ability to communicate complex financial concepts with clarity and empathy makes him a valuable asset to the Capital Focused team.

Beyond his professional life, Travis is a self-confessed nerd with a penchant for fantasy novels, binge-watching TV series, and engaging in board games. His eclectic interests are balanced by a love for artisanal coffee and a keen appreciation of Brisbane's vibrant dining scene. An avid traveller, Travis delights in exploring the globe, seeking out destinations that are both intriguing and unconventional.

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